Author Author 8, Weekly Writing Prompt

Each week, during Author Author time, we’ll start with five minutes of silent writing in response to the prompt below. ANY response to it is acceptable. (For instance, if the prompt is fire, and it reminds you of how much you love water, go for it!)  After five minutes, you may choose to continue or to switch to something else you are working on.  After five minutes, you may also:

  • Search the Writing section for other prompt ideas.
  • Revise something else you’ve written.
  • Conference with Ms. Piombo, if she’s available
  • Conference with a fellow Author.  (Remember Kristin’s helpful feedback format: tell the writer what you know, what you think you know, and what you want to know.)

May 15 – Read John Green’s Commencement Address here.  Choose one of the following to write about.

  • Who would you have thought about when JG asked you to think about the people who helped you get here today?
  • Is it better to burn out or to fade away?
  • Do you agree that the hero’s journey is about learning to live with failure or becoming empathetic?
  • What advice would YOU give to your fellow Hillview graduates?
  • Think back on your years at Hillview. What will you miss most? What do you hope to always remember?

May 1: A matter of perspective. Imagine you are a famous villain, like Voldemort or Malfoy, Malificent or the Wicked Witch of the West. Write a diary entry explaining your side of the story. OR think about someone who’s been an antagonist in your life and write a diary entry about you from their perspective. (Or find an image on the website and go for it.)

April 8 – Anticipation. Or Serenity. Or start with the line: “It seemed as if nothing could ever disturb the peace.” Or write about the most wonderful place you’ve ever visited. Or write about this photo on National Geographic.

March 19 “Whirl.” Or start with the line: “The world was spinning, but I didn’t want it to stop.” Or write about a time your life (or your character’s life) was moving or changing too fast for comfort. Or write about the following photo, from National Geographic:

March 12 and 13: Brainstorm ideas for the following: AudienceWorks Essay Contest

TheatreWorks encourages every member of our audience to be an active participant in the art. In honor of the the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech, we want to hear YOUR dreams for the world around you. In approximately 500 words, tell us how you envision the world in the year 2063.

One essay may be selected to be read at the Martin Luther King, Jr tribute night on April 4, before TheatreWorks’ production of The Mountaintop at the Lucie Stern Theatre.

March 5 and 6: “Taking the plunge.”   Or, write about a time you surprised yourself by doing something you never thought you would.  Or, start something with this sentence: “No one ever thought I’d do something that crazy. Least of all me.”