Science Fiction

Science Fiction is all the rage! But it’s harder to write than you might think. The trickiest part is world-building, which is both imagining your world AND explaining it to the reader. You will need to know TONS of information that you may never share with your reader, but it will shape your characters and your story. (Check out the Fantasy page for more links.)

For one thing, make sure you don’t describe things you wouldn’t if they were in a realistic setting. This piece humorously illustrates that and is also a great parody of the “Golden Age” of science fiction.

Another trap to avoid is the dreaded expository lump, where you stop the action to describe (usually in at least a paragraph) your setting or background to the reader. It’s much better – and much harder – to parcel out the crucial details throughout the dialogue and action and trust the reader to figure out the rest.

Looking for information to help with your world-building? Mike Brotherton suggests these print and web sources.

If you’re really in the mood to go deep, here’s an exhaustive list of things to think about when world-building. And here’s a great resource for physical geography.

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For more help, explore the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America‘s website, or check out their section on WorldBuilding.