Realistic Fiction

So, you’re not into fairies or magic or space or crimes. You want to write stories that your readers can really relate to. Keep in mind these words of wisdom from Rita Williams-Garcia:

“Realistic fiction is never about issues but always about character.  Writers of realistic fiction know this because our readers proclaim it in emails and letters.  They “out” themselves during school visits or hang back to ask, “How did you know?”  The story’s plot might have hooked them but their testimonies are always about character.  I know him.  I am him.  I’ve had that girl in my class every other year. ” (Read the full article!)

It’s your task, then, to create characters that come fully to life. (Really, this is necessary for any writer!) Then, put them in situations that are familiar enough to relate to your realistic-fiction loving readers, but fresh enough to pique their interest.