Writing Prompts

Scholastic prompts and brainstorming ideas.

Author Ralph Fletcher has this great page for getting started, including ideas about keeping a writer’s notebook!

Julia Cameron advocates Morning Pages (in The Artist’s Way), as a way to clear your mind to get ready for the day (and the day’s creative work).

Story Starter Junior. Click for a random story starter!

Scroll over the numbers for 346 prompts!

From Warren Wilson college.

Journal Prompts – Some of these are kind of simple, but sometimes simplicity works!

About.com has these prompts.

Poetry starters. And from the same site, Story starters.

Family metaphor poem directions. and a wonderful example. And a happier example.

Scholastic Story Starters – Interactive fun!

Finish a story started by one of your favorite authors, including Lemony Snicket and Mo Willems.