Revision (and critiquing)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if novels sprang from our heads, fully-formed, just like Athena? For better or for worse, the process of writing is a process that includes LOTS of revision. It’s great if you have critique partners to make suggestions for improving your work, but you’ll be better off if you can also develop some techniques for spotting what needs work and figuring out how to change it.

Scholastic offers these resources for revision – they suggest working with a partner but in a pinch you should be able to do most of it yourself.

Author and editor Kristen Lamb weighs in on simple tips to polish your final product.

Go beyond merely showing (and not telling.) Check out C.S. Lakin’s amazing revising advice.

20 suggestions for revising your novel from the webjournal Necessary Fiction.

Here are some suggestions for writing (and receiving) a critique.