They say the clothes make the man; does it follow that the title makes the book?  Titles are quite honestly the hardest part for us. Hopefully you have a better time of it! If not, try these links. Agent  Rachelle Gardner reminds us that the final decision may not be up to you, if you are lucky enough to get your novel published, the editor is likely to change your title. That’s likely what happened with these classic novels.

Getting started

The Novel Writing Help website reminds us that the best titles are both artistic and commercial, and scroll down for sources for help.

These suggestions from wikihow actually seem helpful, and remind writers not to get stuck on the title while you are writing your novel. You can perfect it after you’re finished.

Advanced Help

Writer’s Digest offered some helpful tips, including the warning to google your title (Amazon could also be useful here) to make sure it isn’t overused or has unhelpful connotations.

Wise, Ink, dedicated to helping authors through the publishing process, offers these strategies.

Scott Berkun’s advice contains formulas for popular titles and tons of great advice.

Lists of Popular Titles

Try browsing the titles of books in a genre or style similar to your own. Amazon and Goodreads are a good resources for that.

Goodreads has this poll of interesting book titles, which blogger Stephanie Orges analyzed.

Wikipedia offers this list of titles taken from literature. Quick, someone add The Fault in Our Stars!