Need help finding a character? Or just getting to know your characters better? You should know a LOT more about your character than what shows up in your story. (J.K. Rowling was once asked if Dudley ever had any children – she knew how many and what their names were!)  Use these links to help you develop your characters into living, breathing people for your readers.

Creative Writing Now has these tips.

Character Questionnaires can help you figure things out.

Here’s one.

Here’s another, from Gotham Writer’s Workshop.

When you are stuck, you might consider this list of character types.  What kind of character are you writing? How can you tweak the stereotype to make it fresh?

If you want to get really nerdy, consider your character’s Myers-Briggs type. Here’s a good overview of what the Myers-Briggs Types mean. To put the system in terms you may understand, check out this survey of famous fictional characters’ Myers-Briggs types. There are tons of online quizzes to help you figure out your type, but this tool is probably better. If you really must take a quiz, try this one.