Fast Food

Ideas for search terms 

  • Fast food impact on environment
  • How does fast food affect the environment
  • Fast food impact on health
  • Fast food and heart
  • Fast food and diabetes
  • Environmental impacts of farming
  • Environmental impacts of beef

Evaluate ALL sources BEFORE you take notes! Use the ABCs.

Media Bias / Fact Check lets you search a news site to see if it’s biased and / or factually inaccurate.

You can also search to check on political stories and Snopes for popular stories and hoaxes.

Other sources you could try besides search engines (like google):

Gale Student Resources in Context. Go to the Library Links for Education Databases. and choose that database – get the password from your green sheet!

Newsela. Takes news articles and rewrites them for different reading levels – you can make it harder or easier to read. You’ll need to create an account with the classroom code on your green sheet.

Suggested Sources