School iPad

We have tons of books for you to read in our OverDrive Digital Library! Watch our tutorial for OverDrive for the iPad, or click here for directions. You’ll need your ASB card number. Your iPad should already have the OverDrive app loaded. You can also read OverDrive eBooks on the Kindle app – click here for directions.

If you’re going to practice downloading eBooks, we ask that you practice with Gifts, Ace’s Basement, Cheat, The Shade, or Crash, because they have unlimited downloads, unlike many of our books that have only a limited number of downloads.

Your school iPad should also have the Follett Enlight App already loaded.  We are no longer adding books to the Follett Digital Collection, but we still have some great books on it!  The first time you open it, you will be asked to enter the address, which is wbb20529.  Also you’ll need to enter your standard Hillview username and password.  If you are having a hard time finding a book, open your Destiny App (or go to a computer) and find the Resource List called eBooks.