Personal Kindle eReader

If you have a Kindle Fire, go to the page for Tablets.

Only our OverDrive eBooks work on your regular Kindle (but they should work on any kind of Kindle that uses a wifi connection, including the Paperwhite). But you have to start from a computer or tablet, and you need an Amazon account (your own or your parents’). Once you download an eBook onto your Kindle, it acts like any other Kindle book, except that it disappears after two weeks. Also, Amazon will try to sell you the book, but you do NOT have to buy it!

Watch our tutorial for downloading kindle eBooks, or check out the OverDrive help page for Kindles. You’ll need to have access to your Amazon account. If it’s your parent’s account, ask them for help. You’ll also need to know your Hillview student ID#.

If you want to practice downloading a book, try Ace’s Basement, Black Gold, Cheat, Crash, Gifts, Oracle or The Shade. (Some of our books have a limited number of downloads, but those books are unlimited.)

Sure, it’s a little tricky, but it’s worth it to read books for free on your Kindle!