We love books. All kinds of books. We truly believe that there will always be paper books to curl up with. But sometimes, you just can’t beat the efficiency of an eReader – how else could you carry around hundreds of books in your pocket?

The Hillview library has over 500 eBooks for you to read – either on a Kindle you check out from us, on your school iPad, or on your personal eReader. Roll your cursor over the eBook link at the top of this page and follow your heart to a great eBook.

If you’re looking to read a book for fun, check out our OverDrive Digital Library. Click here for a tutorial on OverDrive for iPads (any device that takes an app should be pretty similar). Click here for a tutorial on OverDrive for Kindles.

If you are looking for eBooks for research, go to our Research pages (roll your cursor over the tabs above.)

If you need more help with OverDrive, see a librarian or go to their help site.

Most eBooks work like regular books. Only one person can check them out at a time. You will have 14 days to read your book. If you finish early, you can be a good library citizen and return it or you can slack off and wait. (Unlike a regular book it will disappear from your account after 14 days.)

Right now you can’t put an eBook on hold. They’ve told me that will change! (But then they also told me you could read these eBooks on a Kindle Fire, so….)

You can access eBooks through Destiny Quest or Follett Shelf Digital Reader. Our Follettshelf URL is https://wbb20529.follettshelf.com. Your user name and password are the same as your Hillview account. Your reading options are:

Read online = for this session only.

Check out online = read while connected to the internet, 14 day check-out.

Download = download to your Follett Digital Reader for 14 days. (Go to the App Store if it doesn’t download)

Finding eBooks in Destiny: You can search for a book and see if there’s an eBook version.

OR you can search our Resource List eBooks. Click “search lists” if it’s not there.

Good luck and let me know how it goes! (tpiombo@mpcsd.org) We’re trying this out with a small sample of books – 50 Fiction books, mostly from the 7th and 8th grade summer reading lists. If we like this format I’ll get more for the school year. If not, we’ll keep looking for better eBook options! Thanks! – T. Piombo