Accelerated Reader is a program we are using to help students

  1. develop (or maintain!) a love of reading
  2. improve their reading ability

*  Please don’t feel limited to books only in your range! Read books that YOU enjoy!  If you don’t think AR is working for you, please talk with your Humanities Core teacher,  your parents, or, of course, Ms. Piombo or Mrs. Mathenia!

The following links may be useful you:

AR Test Site – Where to go to take a test.  Be sure to take a Reading Practice Quiz. Available only from school.

AR Book Finder – You can look up books by topic, reading and interest level.  It will also tell you if a book has an AR test.

Goal Calculator – To develop a reasonable goal.

Lexile to AR converter – If you only know your lexile, and want to find books in our collection, check this chart and then search by AR level.