Malcolm Gladwell speeches

Click here to see the slideshow again. Remember to use the ABCs when evaluating a website!

The World Book will have a good overview of most topics. Also click the Related Information tab to get access to primary source documents, as well as other encyclopedia and news articles.

ProCon.Org – Covers many controversial topics. Search for your topic, then scroll to the bottom (past the pro-con articles) for statistics and background. The opinion essays may also contain data and should provide links to the original research.

Opposing Viewpoints Database – Use your library links password.  Viewpoints are articles that promote one side of an issue, and thus are explicitly biased! But the database strives to present both sides of each issue. Explore statistics and articles as well.

Library Links Databases – Try United States History. Results will include reference articles, news and academic journals. Library Links password.

Media Bias / Fact Check – Search for news organizations to find out how biased (liberal or conservative) and factual they are.

You can also search to check on political stories and Snopes for popular stories and hoaxes.

For recent information, try a google search! If you’re feeling bold, click Scholarly articles if it’s offered. For many of your topics, the first page of your google results will have some amazing resources. So you shouldn’t be tempted by Wikipedia – certainly, don’t take notes from it, but you might follow their links and see if any of those sources are good.