Colonial Era Research


Click here to view Mrs. Mathenia’s research tutorial. Click here to see a Noodletools tutorial. Go directly to Noodletools to enter your citations.


Gale Virtual Reference Library – See green handout for password.

Follettshelf: Go to Destiny (link on your right) and find the Colonial Era eBooks Resource List.

Databases – see your green sheet for passwords

Library Links for Education. Try Biography or U.S. History in Context.

County Research Portal – To get to World Book Online, or another way to get to Library Links.

Menlo Park Public Library Databases –   Try Fashion – an ebook of our UXL Fashion, Costume and Culture series.


aka “the free web.”   These sites are screened by your librarians.  Remember your ABCs if you follow links to another site or use a search engine.

* Also try the historical society sites for your topic – usually informative and reliable!

Multnomah County Library – too many sites to list here!

American Memory, from the Library of Congress Lots of amazing primary documents

Digital History– Various topics. Online textbook, primary sources, multimedia.

History Channel – Sometimes more speculative than factual!

PBS – U.S. History

The History Place – Ad-supported but reputable. Main exhibits down the middle, left sidebar has lots more info.