I Have a Dream Project

Click here to view the research intro.

Click here for the ABCs of evaluating websites screencast.

Remember when you search to evaluate any websites or resources you use with the ABC method. Perhaps more than with any other research project you’ve done at Hillview, you are likely to find biased sites – be on the lookout!  For that reason, we urge you to start with the following resource:

Opposing Viewpoints Database – Use your library links password.  Viewpoints are articles that promote one side of an issue, and thus are explicitly biased! But the database strives to present both sides of each issue. Explore statistics and articles as well.

ProCon.org is a free website that is similar to the Opposing Viewpoints Database.

For recent information, try a google search! If you’re feeling bold, click Scholarly articles if it’s offered. For many of your topics, the first page of your google results will have some amazing resources. So you shouldn’t be tempted by Wikipedia – certainly, don’t take notes from it, but you might follow their links and see if any of those sources are good.