World Changers – Famous Person Research

Check out the full pathfinder. Or keep reading for quick links.

1st Source: Encyclopedia

Exploring Ancient Civilizations Encyclopedia, Cavendish Square DatabaseThis subject-specific encyclopedia focuses only on ancient civilizations. Most topics will have a one page article. See handout for password. (Please note that the bibliography citations the database provides are incorrect. Check out our handy directions for citing this resource.)

World Book Encyclopedia. In library. This general encyclopedia covers thousands of topics from A-Z! Most of the articles are a couple paragraphs or a page long with basic information.

2nd Source: Databases

Gale Virtual Reference Library: Hillview’s digital collection of eBooks will go in a bit more depth for your research. See handout for the password.

Library Links for Education Use the Biography or World History Database to search your topic.  (See your handout for the library card number, or you may be able to use your own!

3rd source: Books & Magazines

Check out the cart for books and magazines for your topic. We have many print sources available & organized for you! Our library has more books in the stacks! Search for your topic using our Destiny catalog.

Peninsula Library System Our public library has even more books on their shelves.


Last Resort: Websites, Websearches & Videos

Website can be an excellent resource for research, BUT you MUST be careful! Anyone can publish a website and often publish it for free–with no one editing or fact checking the work to make sure it’s accurate. Before you use a website, evaluate it for credibility.

Here are some websites that we found helpful & credible:

History Channel Although sometimes criticized for including non-history, non-scientific programs (e.g. Ancient Aliens), the History Channel also provides interesting articles and videos with information supported by the top experts in their field. Be wary of ads in the search.

Discovery Streaming
This site has articles and videos that are really helpful for research. You’ll need the password and follow the directions on the handout.

BrainPoP You’ll need the password to access these fun, factual videos for research.

PBS Learning Media PBS is considered to be a very trusted source for educational TV and programming.

British Museum Ancient Greece British Museum has the largest collection of ancient artifacts and top historians working at the museum. This website includes some interactive activities to help you learn about ancient Greece.

British Museum Ancient China This site is specific to ancient China

BBC  British Broadcasting Channel provides some good articles about ancient civilizations.