1. Question: Would you use this website for research? If yes, write your reasons on a green index card. If no, write your reasons on a pink index card.

2. Let’s review how to evaluate a website.

3. After discussion go to this website and decide whether you would use it for research.

When you search:

  • Think of alternate names for your career. “Pilot” may be “Airline pilot,” or you may search under “aviation.”
  • Other terms for pro? advantages, benefits
  • Other terms for con? disadvantages, drawbacks

County Research Portal

  • Log in using the username and password on your green sheet. (Under World Book.)
  • Follow links under “School Help.”
  • Try Discovery Streaming and PBS Learning.
  • Be patient if it takes a while to load! 🙂

Here are some pre-screened, reputable websites to check out!

My Next Move – For basic information about careers.

Bureau of Labor and Statistics – browse by type. Or use the blue search bar for medium-reading level information. The red search bar is also good for statistics and graphs.

Occupational Outlook Handbook – More detailed information. Make sure to click on the hyperlinks!

Inside Jobs – Career Finder – Browse careers by subject, career skills, salary, hobbies and more!

O-Net – Another government site about careers.

California Career Zone

Career Videos: Listen to real people talk about the daily routines and pros and cons of their careers.

Career Quiz – what career is right for you?