Teen Book Club – Tuesday, December 13

bonegapFinn is kind of a space cadet. Everyone in Bone Gap knows it – he even gets bullied for it. So when his friend Roza disappears, no one believes Finn’s claims that he saw her kidnapped. It doesn’t help that Finn can’t even describe the man he saw kidnap Roza. But that doesn’t stop Finn from trying to find her, even though it makes his task nearly impossible.

A complex, multi-layered story that combines the realism you love in John Green with the rural fantasy of Maggie Stiefvater and the lyricism of Jandy Nelson.  Come to the library at lunch to discuss!

Want to help design the new teen area at Menlo Park Public library?

Menlo Park Public Library is planning a major renovation and wants YOUR input. Do you have ideas about what teens really need at their library? Then come to a meeting with the architects just for teens on Tuesday December 6 at 4PM at the Menlo Park PUBLIC library on Alma Street.

Pizza will be provided but you NEED to RSVP to wilkins@plsinfo.org,  gonzaleze@plsinfo.org,  and nammar@plsinfo.org. Invite your friends! See Ms. Piombo or Mrs. Mathenia if you have any questions.

Family AudioBooks

If your middle schooler is getting caught up in listening to something on their iPad, it might be the Hillview Library’s fault. We’ve been growing our audiobook collection since the PTO gave us a generous grant to launch it last Spring. If you want to get your child back, you might try listening to an audiobook as a family. It’s a fun way to make car trips and chores go faster, and a great excuse to cut off any contentious family discussions!

Here are some of the audiobooks from our collection that might work with any age. snickerYour mileage may vary: my second grade daughter loves Tui T. Sutherland’s Wings of Fire series, which is basically a PG version of Game of Thrones with dragons as the main characters. If your kids are all older you might try one of our Juvenile audiobooks, or older teens may enjoy something from our Teen collection.

You’ll find the audiobooks on OverDrive (check the link to the right on this website). Your middle school student’s ID # is the password. More directions can be found on the eBook section of the website. Audiobooks should play on any smartphone or tablet – connect to an external speaker or bluetooth (anyone have the DeathStar speaker? Might make a good holiday gift!).

Many thanks for your generous donations to the Friends of the Library, the Foundation and the PTO. We love our (expensive!) audiobooks!



Some Kind of Courage



Creepy Reads

Night Gardener




True Legend, Mike Lupica


Overcoming Obstacles

Snicker of Magic

The War that Saved My Life

Out of My Mind


echoHistory and Historical Fiction

Brown Girl Dreaming


The War that Saved My Life

Number the Stars

Esperanza Rising




Bud, Not Buddy

The Bad Beginning

Maniac Magee

NaNoWriMo – Write a novel in a month!

The library is looking to support all our talented writers. November is NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. Fill out this form before Halloween so we can start planning!

Remember: Legend was the FIFTH novel that Marie Lu wrote and tried to get published. So, even if this November novel never gets published, it’s experience you need before you can write your Legend! (Or maybe you’ll luck out like Christopher Paolini…)

Whether or not you sign up with the library, you can sign up with NaNoWriMo’s Young Writer’s Program. You can use their online tools to set goals, get advice, and meet other writers!

Marie Lu at Hillview, October 19!

marie-lu-2We’re so excited we can hardly breathe! Just days after the latest Young Elites novel debuts, Marie Lu will meet with seventh and eighth grade students at Hillview during Qu3st. Ask your Qu3st teacher if you’re coming.  (Or beg them to take you – there’s still a little room!)

If you’d like to order a signed copy of any of the books in the Young Elites series (including the new one!), return this form (marie-lu-hillview-10-19 )to the library by Friday, October 7. (Preorder even if you can’t make it.)

The Young Elites is a rare novel – a villain origin story that has you rooting for the narrator, Adelina Amouteru, who survived a blood fever that left her permanently scarred and perpetually persecuted; while at the same time you’re horrified at the poor choices she keeps making on her journey to Maleficent-level badness.  You’ll find the book, and the sequel, The Rose Society, in our Teen section. Join us for the Teen Book club this month when we discuss the book!midnight-star

Kindle Summer Check Out Lottery

Don’t worry; it’s not the Shirley Jackson kind of lottery. We’re checking out Kindles to students for the summer! Up to 24 lucky students will check out a kindle pre-loaded with at least 10 awesome books.

Click here to see what’s on each kindle and what they are called.

Fill out this form to let us know your top three choices.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to fill out a kindle technology use form.

Seventh and eighth graders who’d like one of our Teen kindles also need to have the Teen permission slip on file if it isn’t already.


Stacey Lee at Hillview!

under a painted skyThis Friday, during OS, many students have the opportunity to meet author Stacey Lee and hear all about Under a Painted Sky. She’ll also talk about her upcoming book, which is about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake!  You can pre-order signed copies of either, or get them at next week’s Book Fair, or check them out from your library!

“They say death aims only once and never misses, but I doubt Ty Yorkshire thought it would strike with a scrubbing brush.” Samantha is on the run. She wants to run to New York City and teach violin, but after she kills a man by accident, she runs West to escape the long arm of the law. A orphan, Sam travels with Annamae, an escaped slave looking for her missing brother. Life on the Westward trail in 1849 is not safe for two girls, even less so if you’re Chinese American or African American, so Sammy and Annamae go undercover as boys. Along the trail the girls meet a trio of cowboys who help them survive, but the closer they get, the greater the risk that the cowboys will see through their disguises. I am not a huge fan of Westerns, but these are characters you can root for as trouble follows them everywhere under the painted sky.