About the website

This is the website for Hillview Middle School Library.  Explore the “About” menu to learn more about our research program.  Explore the “Projects” menu for information about and internet links for specific research projects.   Look for great books on the “Home” section – browse, or search by genre or type of book (See “Reading” for more info!).

About the library

The Hillview Library is open to students before school and during the day.  Instead of weekly library time, Hillview students come to the library for at least two major research projects a year.  The librarian teaches research skills such as note taking, bibliography, and internet searching.  Each year we build upon the previous years’ instruction, so that students leave Hillview armed with multiple strategies to choose from for future research in high school and college.


The library is nearly entirely parent-supported.  The librarian’s salary and most of the library materials are donated by the Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation.  Other funding comes from the Hillview PTO and the Friends of the Hillview Library.