Hey Hawks! Welcome back to another great year in the library.  Come on up and tell us what your favorite book was this summer and get a free scented bookmark. 🙂  As always, the library is open:

  • Before school (8ish – 8:20)
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • After school for 15 minutes

At the beginning of the year we’re on limited check out to one per customer until all the classes come through for library orientations. Our OverDrive digital collection is open for returning students: new students will be added soon.

Here was one of Ms. P ‘ favorite books of the summer:

big dark

If you thought the solar eclipse was impressive, it was nothing compared to the solar flare that knocks out America’s power grid. Suddenly nothing electronic works – not even on batteries, not even on generators. Charlie Cobb is lucky to live in the remote town of Harmony, New Hampshire, because his neighbors are used to roughing it. At first, they band together to help each other out. Until a well-armed, possibly unhinged but deadly cunning man from the outskirts of town tries to take over, and threatens their very survival. When Charlie’s mom falls ill, he undertakes a dangerous solo journey to the nearest city to get her the medicine she needs. Getting the medicine is only half the struggle – getting back alive will take strength, cunning and plain luck!