Contests and Nominations!

Come to the library and try our Book Jumble! One of the students in our Book Squad IMG_20181203_123420created this master puzzle of book covers. Guess each book cover and be entered into a drawing for Gift Certificates. Great for yourself of for holiday gifts!
Come up to the library to see the book covers in person, and fill out the google form to enter!

Feeling inspired to create your own book-themed contest? Come join the Book Squad at lunch on Mondays!

Also, you are invited to nominate books for the Best Books of 2018! We’ll take student nominations into account when we create our brackets for Battle of the Books. Please be sure that the books were actually first published in 2018. (HINT: If there’s a movie adaptation, it wasn’t.) . Nominate books in person at the library to get a raffle ticket!

Stumped? Check out:

Goodreads list of YA novels of 2018

Goodreads list of Middle Grade novels of 2018

Family Audiobooks

Planning a long drive for the holidays but not looking forward to all that family togetherness in a cramped space? Head off squabbles by listening to an audiobook. It will give you something to talk about with the kids and may even stave off carsickness! Thanks to the generosity of the Foundation, the PTO and Friends of the Library, Hillview has over 200 digital audiobooks to lend out! Students can listen on their school iPads and virtually any device that connects to wifi or the internet. Download the OverDrive or Sora app. Passwords are six digits, starting with 62 and finishing with the four digit iPad passcode. (Email Ms. Piombo or Mrs. Mathenia if you need help!) You can find more directions and lots of suggestions in this slideshow.

If some of your family members are closer to Rugrats than Riverdale, you might want to try one of the following family friendly audiobooks. But your mileage may vary, so be sure to check out reviews and Common Sense Media if you have an especially sensitive soul in the car. And if all else fails, we have all 7 Harry Potter books….

Mystery & Adventureevil smallbone

All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook

Samantha Spinner and the Super Secret

Better Nate than Never


Trials of Morrigan Crow

Evil Wizard Smallbone

baseball geniusSports

Baseball Genius

Jason Reynolds Tracks series


The Crossover

Go Big or Go Home


Overcoming Obstaclesstars beneath

The One and Only Ivan


Stars Beneath Our Feet


The Rules

The War that Saved My Life

Out of My Mind


night diaryHistory and Historical Fiction


Loving v. Virginia

Elijah of Buxton

The Night Diary


Boy on the Wooden Box


Humorwizards once

Wizards of Once

The Best Man


I, Funny

How They Croaked

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another awesome year at Hillview! Come see us for great new books, plus all your favorite Library Events, like:

  • Banned Books
  • Books Come Alive! Halloween literary-themed dress-up
  • Blind Date with a Book
  • Battle of the Books
  • Book Fair for Summer Reading
  • Book Clubs!

New this year, we’re seeking a group of expert readers to form a Book Squad to help us get good books into the right hands. Join our edmodo group with the code zdwrij. (And start thinking of a better name than Book Squad!)

Our first contest of the year will be a survey on the Best Books Ever. Take it in the library on paper or  online.

My biggest book geek moment of the summer? Taking my kids to see the Darkest Minds movie (which was pretty good) and catching the trailer for Mortal Engines! Philip Reeves’ novel was a swashbuckling adventure based on a ridiculous premise (roving, predator cities hunting each other in a postapocalytpic wasteland) with unforgettable characters like Hester Shaw, Tom Natsworthy and Anna Fang. And the people who brought Middle Earth alive are making it, so there’s a good chance they won’t totally mess it up! We’ll know for sure in December, but read the book first!

Summer Reading!

Just because our doors are closed for the summer, doesn’t mean we’re not still your library! We have hundreds of eBooks and audiobooks available on OverDrive. Click the button on the right to get started, or look for help in the reading menu on top.

Having trouble finding a good audiobook? Check out our suggestions!

Need help choosing a summer reading book? Or lost your summer reading forms? Check out our summer reading tab up top.

Also, you know who IS open? The Menlo Park Public Library! Check out their Teen page for info on summer book clubs. Plus, teens who participate in their summer reading program can enter a raffle for event tickets, gift cards, a Kindle Fire, and even a $1000 scholarship!



Hey! Are you writing a novel? Or just hope to write one? Even just a short story? Come join the NaNoWriMo Club. (November is NAtional NOvelWRItingMOnth!)  First meeting is Monday, October 30 in the library at lunch. Even if you can’t make it (especially if you can’t make it!) you should fill out the survey so we can plan our month. Cheers!

Desk worker applications and Hurricane Katrina

So, you want to be a desk worker? We have a few spots open! Please fill out this form by Friday, September 1.

We hope your friends and family in Texas are safely weathering Hurricane Harvey. If you’re interested in learning more, here are three books about Hurricane Katrina that might quench your curiosity!

For fiction, in Ninth Ward, Lanesha and her grandmother struggle to survive as Katrina blasts one of the poorest sections of New Orleans. Or if you’d like to read a graphic novel account of the devastation, try Drowned City. Finally, we have lots of nonfiction books about the hurricane, especially Hurricane Katrina Strikes the Gulf Coast.

Welcome Back!

Hey Hawks! Welcome back to another great year in the library.  Come on up and tell us what your favorite book was this summer and get a free scented bookmark. 🙂  As always, the library is open:

  • Before school (8ish – 8:20)
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • After school for 15 minutes

At the beginning of the year we’re on limited check out to one per customer until all the classes come through for library orientations. Our OverDrive digital collection is open for returning students: new students will be added soon.

Here was one of Ms. P ‘ favorite books of the summer:

big dark

If you thought the solar eclipse was impressive, it was nothing compared to the solar flare that knocks out America’s power grid. Suddenly nothing electronic works – not even on batteries, not even on generators. Charlie Cobb is lucky to live in the remote town of Harmony, New Hampshire, because his neighbors are used to roughing it. At first, they band together to help each other out. Until a well-armed, possibly unhinged but deadly cunning man from the outskirts of town tries to take over, and threatens their very survival. When Charlie’s mom falls ill, he undertakes a dangerous solo journey to the nearest city to get her the medicine she needs. Getting the medicine is only half the struggle – getting back alive will take strength, cunning and plain luck!



NEW on OverDrive!

HUGE thanks to the Hillview PTO! Between the Book Fair profits and a last-minute The_Land_of_Storiesdonation, we were able to add 79 eBooks and 71 audiobooks to our OverDrive digital library this week! Some highlights:

  • The Teen Collection grew by 7 audiobooks (including Half Bad and Warrior’s Heart) and 18 eBooks (including The Hate U Give and Empress of a Thousand Skies).
  • All Harry Potter audiobooks now available!
  • 8 new nonfiction eBooks including Superman vs. The Ku Klux Klan and I Am Malala.
  • Student requests like The Inheritance Cycle, The Land of Stories and Erin Hunter’s Warriors.
  • Family friendly audiobooks like The Graveyard Book, Evil Wizard Smallbone, and Ms. Bixby’s Last Day


Thanks to everyone for your generosity in supporting the Hillview library. Now grab your device (kindle? tablet? laptop or MP3 player?) and discover some amazing new books!  (Contact Ms. Piombo and Mrs. Mathenia for your ID # or help downloading.)

Happy summer reading … AND listening!

The Hillview library building may be closing for the summer, but our digital collection is getting a refresh thanks to the wild success of our annual Books Inc book fair and the generosity of the PTO, which is letting us use the profits for our collection!

Most of the books from our summer reading lists are available on OverDrive. (You’ll find the lists under the “Reading” tab above.) Other books by the authors on the list will count as well. Outgoing 8th graders keep their OverDrive accounts through the beginning of the school year (we only kick them out when we add the new sixth graders!)

One tricky thing is that your OverDrive ID is NOT the number on your ID card. (I know, that would make too much sense! We’re working on it for next year!) Contact Ms. Piombo AND Mrs. Mathenia if you need yours and one of us will get back to you. You’ll find more info on how to access OverDrive under the “Reading” tab above.

Back in November I posted about family audiobooks – they are great for those long summer car trips or even just long summer afternoons at home. Watch this space to hear more about our new audiobooks!

And we’d love to get your feedback on what digital content to add next!